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Fri Aug 10 08:22:46 EDT 2012

Derek Atkins wrote
> Hendrik Boom <hendrik at .pooq> writes:
>> I hadn't known about the python bindings.  First, it would make sense for 
>> me to try to use the python bindings to see if I can do what I need, 
>> writing a kind of a diary of what I discover I need to know and producing 
>> bits of preliminary documentation as I go.  How does collaboration work 
>> with documentation?  Is it a wiki?  or svn access?  or something else?
> It depends.  There may be some docs in the wiki, but the primary docs
> are probably in the "pythondoc" sources, which means they are in SVN.
> For now the best way would be to work with the active devs and supply
> documentation patches against svn trunk (or git's trunk, if that's how
> you roll).
>> -- hendrik
> -derek

So according to the wiki[1] should we follow directions for Non-Committers
or Committers? I would think the best option would be to clone and then
submit pull requests but I'm not sure if things are setup to work that way.


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