[GSoC 2012 Ideas] GnuCash Android application

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Thu Mar 8 15:40:10 EST 2012

Zitat von "David T." <sunfish62 at yahoo.com>:
> The itch that I would love to see scratched is the reports module.  
> It would be really nice to see some progress on rebuilding this into  
> something mortal users can reasonably expect to manipulate for their  
> immediate needs. Whether that means wrapping what's there in a  
> better interface (maybe some graphical UI to create Scheme-based  
> reports?) or rebuilding on a different platform altogether is not  
> important to me. I just would like to see an easier end user  
> experience.

Thanks for voicing your needs. However, please don't confuse the GSoC  
program with wishful thinking. The GSoC program is about getting young  
students involved into a "real project". The students will almost  
surely have very little previous experience with coding for a larger  
project, let alone projects with a mixture of multiple languages such  
as gnucash. Your described feature needs know-how that is well beyond  
what any GSoC applicant will have. GSoC needs projects with a limited  
and well-defined scope such as "extending unit testing coverage on  
existing C code API". Sorry for that.



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