Translation conundrum

Mark Haanen i18n at
Wed Apr 17 14:08:22 EDT 2013

Dear Devs,

It has recently been pointed out to me that the labels on the buttons 
and in the Edit menu of the Business documents don't match up with their 
counterparts in the Business main menu.

In the Business menu, a distinction is made between Invoices (outgoing), 
Bills (incoming) and [Expense] Vouchers (employee reimbursements). 
However, even when you're editing a Bill or a Voucher, the button labels 
and entries in the Edit menu refer to Invoices [e.g. pay invoice, 
duplicate invoice]. In my translation these terms are neither synonymous 
nor interchangeable, which recently led to a user to flag this as a 
translation error.

The cause is probably the re-use of business document entry code, but 
I'm unable to discern whether it would be much effort to change the 
labels and menu entries to match the type of document that one is 
actually working on.

Should this be a problem, I'll have to resort to extremely generic 
translations, but if it's at all possible I would really like to avoid that.

Mark Haanen
(dutch translator)

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