Bounty Program finished - a short review

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Aug 5 16:52:23 EDT 2013

Dear all,

we've been running a Bounty Program [1] over the last two months here in 
GnuCash. It is now finished. Thanks for everyone who had a look!

In general, the open tasks have been worked on quite successfully: All 
Bugzilla tasks are completed (though two of them turned out to be fixed or 
non-reproducible or both). From the Uservoice request list, two new features 
have been completed as well, though eight other tasks were left open. [2] In 
that sense, the program was mainly successful.

However, the program unfortunately did not attract the attention of any 
developer who wasn't already active within gnucash. This was one particular 
goal of this project, and in my opinion the bounty amount was significant 
enough for this. But as everyone here probably noticed: There were no 
questions from any newcomer regarding any of the tasks of the program 
whatsoever. This is unfortunately not what I had expected. Did we do too 
little announcements? Are there websites or places around where more 
interested people would have picked up the news? I don't know. I asked 
beforehand to run this as an experiment, and we now have the result: A program 
of this kind does not really help in attracting new developers. Well, a 
result, too.

In any case thanks everyone! With our new releases the project is also 
progressing strongly towards the next stable release. Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,



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