Gnucash 2.5/6

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Feb 12 04:42:42 EST 2013

On 11-02-13 15:00, Phil Longstaff wrote:
> Yes.  I have a first draft ready to go.  Looks pretty rough but is 
> usable, which is what I needed.
> What I've done:
> 1) structurally, split GncBudgetView out from GncPluginPageBudget. 
>  GncBudgetView provides a widget that GncPluginPageBudget can use and 
> configure.
> 2) modified GncBudgetView so that if a budget cell belongs to an 
> account which has children, but does not have a value of its own, it 
> displays the sum of its children's budget values in gray.  Provides a 
> row of totals.
> 3) added a col called "totals" which sums the values for each row and 
> provides a total for the year (assuming a 12-month budget)
> 4) added a section below the main budget with 4 lines:
>     a) income - duplicates the values from the top level income account
>     b) expenses - duplicates the values from the top level expense account
>     c) transfers - top level assets values - top level liabilities values
>     d) total = income - expenses - transfers.  Red if negative
> Basically these changes provide some totals and summary values.
Very good.
> I'd really like the columns in the lower display to line up with those 
> in the upper display, but haven't figured that out yet.  I'd like the 
> account name and totals column to be fixed, and any scrolling to 
> happen with the budget period figures, but haven't figured that out 
> yet.  I could make the totals column a separate tree view outside the 
> main tree view, but would then need to make it expand and contract 
> along with the main tree view.  Basically, I'm trying to learn the gtk 
> widgets and make a good display.  If anyone is a gtk expert and wants 
> to give me some pointers, that would be great.
I've done many of the dialogue conversions from libglade to gtkbuilder, 
so I have touched a lot of gtk code. I don't consider myself an expert 
though. Particularly the treeview is a complex widget.

I managed to do most of my work using the gtk reference manual 
( and asking questions on the Gtk 
Application development mailing list (gtk-app-devel-list at
> I was trying to set up git and locked myself out of svn, so I'm unable 
> to commit anything at this point.  I want to do a bit more cleanup, 
> but should have something by next weekend.
The svn access issue is something you best contact Derek for (either 
privately or via irc).

I think next weekend is fine for inclusion in the upcoming 2.5/2.6 series.


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