[gnucash-htdocs] Change GnuCash website `Mailing Lists' link name

Yawar Amin yawar.amin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 01:35:23 EST 2013


On 2013-01-12, at 18:16, John Ralls <jralls at ceridwen.us> wrote:

> That's not really a simplification. Worse, I think that if you call it that then people will think that they're web forums, and we have enough trouble with nabble users who don't understand that they're using a web interface to a mailing list.

How about 'email discussion forums'?

And also, wouldn't they realise that it's all email-based immediately on hitting the wiki page? I can definitely tweak the wiki page a bit to make that obvious to non-techies.

> The problem with people emailing you directly comes from including your direct email in the manuals. We fixed that a few months ago, but it will take a long time for the newly-released manuals to achieve wide enough distribution. Changing the website won't fix that, unfortunately.

My email is still in the docs as of the latest commit I pulled. But that's ok--I'll submit a patch soon to remove it.

I understand that getting the updates into releases is slow. Hoping the website changes can help with that.

> How about a section on the main web page between "Feature Highlights" and "News" titled "Need Help?" that emphasizes reading the Concept Guide and suggests our large, friendly community on the user's mailing list and mentions that it's available on the web via nabble?

Definitely. 'Need help?' is clear and obvious. I'll see what I can do on that.

> It could even warn them about the foul-tempered developers in the devel-list dungeon waiting to devour innocent noobs who wander in by mistake. ;-)

Ah, some might take that as an invitation--a challenge, even :-)



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