My Curiosity is Piqued: svn.gnucash Directory Restructuring

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Thanks for the information. 

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>> I am sure that my ignorance is showing, but...
>> I was looking at Bug 633590 on Bugzilla, and Yawar linked to a document on the link was broken. It appears that the English documentation tree has been moved into a folder named "C", and I was just wondering why the change was made, and what the folder name signifies.
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>"C" refers to the default locale on linux computers. For most technical people it's more or less synonymous to "US English".
>The change was mostly done as a convenience for the web scripts. With this change one set of rules can be used to find all versions of the documentation in all languages.

So, why wouldn't the US English folder be "en_us"? Wouldn't that be more
 globally equal? It would also be clearer to us non-techie types that it
 wasn't a reference to the programming language.

>In most cases, you don't browse the files directly on, but via There are proper links there that hide the technical notation for the casual user.

... which raises a (minor) point that has irked me. The new framed presentation on of the documentation hides the true documentation URL, which means that when I want to refer someone on gnucash-users to a specific page in the documentation, I have to {CTRL-Click|Right-Click} on the appropriate link so that I can get the actual link that will get them directly to the section that will give them information on their topic. 

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