Github Repositories Will Be Regenerated Next Week

John Ralls jralls at
Fri Jan 25 18:55:49 EST 2013

As you may know, the core developers have been experimenting with
Git for some time, using a mirror repository [1] at Github. This trial 
has been quite successful, and the developers are now preparing to make 
it an official mirror of the Subversion repository.

Unfortunately in the course of preparing a direct link between the
Subversion repository and Git we discovered that some of the author
names weren't converted correctly during the original mirroring
process. We're correcting that, but the result is that the hashes for
most changesets in Git are different: A single change in a commit will
cause every subsequent hash to be different, because the parent and
tree hash values are included in the commit data which are hashed.

As a result, we have generated a new set of repositories, and next
week we will delete our existing repositories on Github and replace
them with the new ones. If you have a clone or fork of one of the
current repositories you will need to delete it and re-clone from the
new one. If you have local branches which you want to transfer
to the new repository, it's fairly easy, and instructions have already
been added to the Gnucash-Git Wiki page [2]. You can make the process much easier by keeping your clone/fork current with the base repository this week.

We regret the necessity of this and wish to apologize for the extra work and inconvenience, and to apologize as well to the contributors whose changes were incorrectly attributed.

John Ralls


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