GnuCash Tax Invoice for Australia (Bug 695610)

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Wed Mar 13 07:34:57 EDT 2013

Op 13-03-13 12:02, Liz schreef:
> Please accept this patch to provide a working AU Tax Invoice without having
> to
> change several defaults. The result from Bug 67008 still requires work to
> produce a legally valid invoice for Australia, and we do need this to "work
> out
> of the box" for ordinary Australian users.
I sympathize with the inconvenient situation you are in in Australia. 
However as I also mentioned in the bug report, I'm hesitant to apply the 
patches as they are. I'm ok with adding preferences that help you 
configure the report to be legally valid in Australia. But changing 
several defaults to match Australian requirements should be evaluated in 
a global context. Are the new defaults legally valid around the globe, 
or at least in the majority of countries ? If not we are just shifting 
the problem from one country to one or more others.

We will need a broader solution for this.

A possible workaround for the short to medium term could be to ship 
GnuCash with two versions of the tax invoice. One generic and one 
tailored for Australia. That at least will alleviate the frustration of 
the Australian users. We have similar other localized features like the 
US tax report.
> I was unhappy again yesterday when I had to remake pdfs of a large number of
> invoices because I was caught out by the last changes - my personal AU tax
> invoice was overwritten on update and I didn't realise that there were a
> large number of edits to make to the invoices to make them legally valid tax
> invoices for Australia.

In the meantime, how about adding a customized version of this report in 
your .gnucash directory ? That will prevent any system updates to 
discard your customizations. I'm not talking about the custom reports 
feature in the reports menu, but really storing a copy of the report 
source files (with adaptations).

The technical information required to do so can be found here:

In short,
- copy the report to your .gnucash directory
- make sure you change the report guid and report name in the copy
- add a (load my-reportfile) to a file named config.usr in the .gnucash 
- (re)start gnucash


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