GnuCash Tax Invoice for Australia (Bug 695610)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 13 12:32:49 EDT 2013

Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:

> Op 13-03-13 12:02, Liz schreef:
>> Please accept this patch to provide a working AU Tax Invoice without having
>> to
>> change several defaults. The result from Bug 67008 still requires work to
>> produce a legally valid invoice for Australia, and we do need this to "work
>> out
>> of the box" for ordinary Australian users.
> I sympathize with the inconvenient situation you are in in
> Australia. However as I also mentioned in the bug report, I'm hesitant
> to apply the patches as they are. I'm ok with adding preferences that
> help you configure the report to be legally valid in Australia. But
> changing several defaults to match Australian requirements should be
> evaluated in a global context. Are the new defaults legally valid
> around the globe, or at least in the majority of countries ? If not we
> are just shifting the problem from one country to one or more others.
> We will need a broader solution for this.
> A possible workaround for the short to medium term could be to ship
> GnuCash with two versions of the tax invoice. One generic and one
> tailored for Australia. That at least will alleviate the frustration
> of the Australian users. We have similar other localized features like
> the US tax report.

Yes, how about an AU Tax Invoice report?  So apply this patch but then
create a second report out of it?


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