2.6 roadmap

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Tue Nov 5 13:52:05 EST 2013

On Tuesday 05 November 2013 11:25:55 Geert Janssens wrote:
> I've run some tests. If I add the gsettings schemas to the
> translatable strings, well translated languages get between 50 and 70
>  new fuzzy or untranslated strings. It's less for languages for which
> translations are less complete. That's not too bad given that
> gsettings schemas contain well over 300 translatable strings.
> I can add these strings today so we can continue with calling the
> string/feature freeze.
> I don't know the translation process too well. What is needed for
> translators to be able to start on the translations in 2.5.x ? I seem
> to remember we should provide a tarball with up to date po files or
> something ? I'm even wondering if we shouldn't release a 2.5.8 right
> after the last strings are added and call that the base for
> translators ?

The gschemas are translatable now. I have updated the POTFILES.in file 
with the most recent file list. I didn't touch the po files though.

Now how do we get the translators in action ?

I know there is something with the translation project, but I have never 
done anything in that area.

Perhaps Cristian or Christian can provide some insight here ?


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