gnucash-devel Digest, Vol 128, Issue 25

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Nov 21 12:48:42 EST 2013

Hi Francisco Hierro Gomez,

A Spanish translation of the guide would certainly be welcome.

I think the first prerequisite to this is to have some basic understanding of the English language. 
That's for several reasons:
- the document to translate is in English
- the help available to translators is in English
- the gnucash-devel mailing (which hosts the most people that can help) is an English list

If that is not a problem, this link should get you started:

If you need help on something, you can ask questions here on the list, but that would best be in 

As for getting a pdf on the website: if your translation is sufficiently complete, it will be added to 
the supported languages. From then on it will appear on the website in all the formats we 
support (html, pdf, epub and mobi).

Good luck !


On Thursday 21 November 2013 17:22:08 Alex Kempster wrote:
> > On 11/20/2013 1:21 PM, Francisco Hierro Gomez wrote:
> >> Hola,
> >> Les escribo este mensaje para conocer el modo de subir a la pagina
> oficial de gnucash el TUTORIAL Y GUIA DE CONCEPTOS, traducido al
> espa?ol. Seria en formato pdf y por capitulos. Actualmente he
> traducido hasta el Capitulo 7, Prestamos. Si no puedo subirlos yo
> personalmente, tambien puedo mandarlos a vosotros los capitulos para
> vuestra supervisi?n y visto bueno.
> >> Ya pase los capitulos a otro usuario del programa y al parecer se
> muestra bastante contento.
> >> No soy informatico, solo un usuario del programa que al principio
> >> se le
> hacia harto complicado usar el programa y con la ayuda de alg?n
> sofware traductor y echandole tiempo y paciencia repasando cada
> capitulo hasta cinco veces creo que he conseguido que este programa
> sea facil de usar, eso si de momento solo a nivel domestico, pues
> como os comente al principio solo he traducido hasta el Capitulo 7,
> Prestamos.
> >> Un saludo
> > 
> > Sorry, I cannot read Spanish.    I think that your comment would be
> > worth reading if you can translate it to English.
> Google Translate provides
> > Hello,
> > I am writing this message to learn how to get on the official
> > website of
> gnucash the TUTORIAL AND GUIDE TO CONCEPTS, translated into Spanish.
> It would be in pdf format and chapters. Currently I have translated
> to Chapter 7, Loans. If I can not upload I personally, I can also
> send to you the chapters for your supervision and approval.
> > Since the chapters pass to another user of the program and
> > apparently he
> is quite happy.
> > I'm informatic, only one user of the program that initially was very
> complicated to use the program and with the help of a software
> translator and time and patience echandole reviewing each chapter up
> to five times I think I managed to make this program easy to use ,
> that if the moment only domestically, because, as I discuss at first
> I only translated to Chapter 7, Loans.
> > A greeting
> Regards,
> John Ralls
> I did spanish at GCSE (grade C and very rusty), My rough translation
> may fill in a few blanks to the google translate that john did, He
> would like a pdf version in spanish, has translated chapter seven. He
> would like to know how to make the translation he has done available.
> He would work on chapters on using the program and would be very happy
> to do so.
> He has no information (the use of no at the front negates it,
> something google translate misses often). His first use of the
> program was difficult because of the lack of translation, he used a
> software translator and with time and patience chapters up to five
> were bad to use, at the monent he uses it for domestic use, at first
> he only translated chapter 7, at the present.
> If you would like i can have a go at translating backwards for you,
> say using google translate and tidying it up a little bit?
> Regards,
> Alex Kempster
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> > Today's Topics:
> >    1. Traducci?n del Tutorial y guia de conceptos
> >    
> >       (Francisco Hierro Gomez)
> >    
> >    2. Re: account types (David Carlson)
> >    3. Re: account types (Christian Stimming (mobil))
> >    4. Re: account types (Christian Stimming (mobil))
> >    5. String freeze and string corrections (Geert Janssens)
> >    6. Re: Traducci?n del Tutorial y guia de conceptos (David
> >    Carlson)
> >    7. Re: String freeze and string corrections (John Ralls)
> >    8. Re: Traducci?n del Tutorial y guia de conceptos (John Ralls)

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