Loading XML V1 files

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Fri Nov 22 16:08:05 EST 2013

I just checked in a change that might break the loading of XML V1 files 
(although I don't think it will).  I changed things so that the 
progress bar is updated while loading the price data base in an XML V2 
file.  In doing this I ran across some comments that indicated that 
this wasn't done in the past because doing so would break loading of V1 
files.  However, those comments were written in 2001 (for r3772) and I 
don't think they apply now.

Does anyone have an XML V1 file with prices in it that I could use to 
test this?  Does anyone care whether it works or not?  I wouldn't be 
surprised if previous changes have broken the loading of V1 files.  Has 
anyone tried this recently?  If not should support for them be removed?


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