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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sat Oct 19 12:09:39 EDT 2013

On Saturday 19 October 2013 10:25:37 Geert Janssens wrote:
> Hi,
> I have not tried your solution yet, but if you don't get any feedback
> just add your solution to the wiki as is. You can add a note that it
> may be incomplete because your cygwin installation was already
> mature. Others can improve it afterwards.
> It doesn't have to be perfect from the beginning. A wiki is meant to
> be edited and improved and I prefer to have an almost solution in
> there over the current statement that there is no way to do this at
> all.
> Geert
> On Wednesday 16 October 2013 12:33:52 Wm Tarr wrote:
> > At
> >
> > h_ guide_and.2For_help_files it says
> > ===
> > If you want to edit the files on /Windows/ or /MacOSX/, we don't
> > know
> > yet a good software tool that can process the DocBook files so that
> > you can see the final document. Please add your comments here if you
> > have a better solution.
> > ===
> > 
> > My solution was to use cygwin.  GeertJ asked me to add some words to
> > the Wiki which I will happily do.  My problem is that my cygwin
> > installation is mature and I'd prefer to add instructions that
> > worked
> > for someone approaching this clean rather than have someone try it
> > and fail because I presumed something was already there.
> > 
> > My request is that someone attempts to follow the instructions below
> > and points out anything that doesn't work.
> > 
> > ===
> > Get cygwin by going to
> >
> > and pressing the link for the setup-*.exe file suited to your
> > system.
> > save it, virus scan it, etc. as you see fit then run it.
> > type "libxslt" into the search box
> > ===
> > 
> > this is where I become unsure about what is needed vs what I already
> > have.  I *think* the correct choice is
> > 
> > ===
> > expand Libs and press Skip so that it shows a version for all 3
> > XSLT Library options, you want the most recent which it will offer
> > by
> > default.
> > cygwin will work out the dependencies
> > click next at the bottom rhs and let cygwin do its stuff.
> > When it is done fire up cygwin and do stuff as per the *nix
> > instructions ===
> > 
I found a little time to play with this. Your steps seem to be ok. 
Afterwards I have a cygwin environment that contains xsltproc and 
xmllint, the two tools mentioned on the documentation development page.

What is missing still is svn to check out the documentation sources. 
This can also be installed via cygwin, or a native svn installer for 
Windows may be downloaded (pure svn, TortoiseSVN,...)

> > I've almost certainly left something out because of what I already
> > have which is why I'd like someone to try it out and tell me where
> > they get stuck.
I didn't find yelp on cygwin, so the instructions on the documentation 
development page that suggest opening the documentation in yelp don't 
apply on Windows.

This is not really an issue IMO. The validity of the xml documents is 
verified using xmllint and xsltproc. So looking at the html end result 
to check your documentation work should mostly be sufficient on Windows.


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