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Wm Tarr wm.tarr at
Tue Oct 22 16:37:15 EDT 2013

On 19/10/2013 17:09, Geert Janssens wrote:
> On Saturday 19 October 2013 10:25:37 Geert Janssens wrote:
> I found a little time to play with this. Your steps seem to be ok. 
> Afterwards I have a cygwin environment that contains xsltproc and 
> xmllint, the two tools mentioned on the documentation development 
> page. What is missing still is svn to check out the documentation 
> sources. This can also be installed via cygwin, or a native svn 
> installer for Windows may be downloaded (pure svn, TortoiseSVN,...) 

Thank you.

I have started a full edit of the Win section of that page of the wiki 
(it is incomplete at the time of writing but I have marked the 
boundaries of the part I am working on in case other people want to work 
on the same page).  I will remove the boundaries when I have finished 
it, meanwhile I think comments are better than changes inside the edit 
area in case of confusion.

I have left some comments marked by Wm: in case anyone wants to say 

I am thinking about when to say "use a Win tool" vs "use a *nix / cygwin 
tool" as I am trying to keep the entrance barrier as low as possible for 
a new Win user approaching this area, e.g I am not sure svn command line 
is the best way to go, am I making sense?

>>> I've almost certainly left something out because of what I already
>>> have which is why I'd like someone to try it out and tell me where
>>> they get stuck.
> I didn't find yelp on cygwin, so the instructions on the documentation
> development page that suggest opening the documentation in yelp don't
> apply on Windows.
I'm not sure yelp should be in the *nix instructions except for historic 
reference TBH :)
> This is not really an issue IMO. The validity of the xml documents is
> verified using xmllint and xsltproc. So looking at the html end result
> to check your documentation work should mostly be sufficient on Windows.

We're headed in the same direction I think.

In general: my wiki-foo isn't good and I'm not finished yet but I'll get 
there.  If anyone wants to comment here they're welcome, if they comment 
within the small part I'm editing on the wiki at the moment, please make 
yourself clear, thank you.

Further it occurs to me that my approach to what *appears* under 
Translation for GnuCash may actually be applicable elsewhere.  I see you 
have written about the Windows wiki pages more generally recently GeertJ 
so I may be able to help there once I am done here. As jy sien wat ek 


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