Allowing the user to select the currency symbol

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Tue Sep 24 18:08:35 EDT 2013


On Tue, September 24, 2013 6:01 pm, Frédéric Perrin wrote:
> Hi list,
> Since I moved to Britain, I have about half of my acocunts in euro, the
> other half in pounds. As I still use the same locale, some accounts use
> a nice € symbol and some the less nice GBP ticker symbol. I want to be
> able to ddefine the symbol gnucash should use when printing amounts.
> What do you think of that feature ?
> I have implemented code to do that. We add a property "char*
> user_symbol" to the Commodity class. This property is populated from
> GConf, and then used instead of the mnemonic when printing amounts (we
> still use the canonical symbol of the "default currency" when
> applicable). I think I still need a nice interface in the Preferences
> dialog to set the user_symbol, but before I do that, what do you think
> of that implementation ?
> Patch is at:
> Screenshot, where EUR is my default currency, AUD and GBP have a nice
> symbol defined, and CHF has no symbol defined :

If you're going to extend the Commodity Class then why not just put the
symbols into the default constructors in the iso-4217-currencies file?
Why put it into GConf?

> Fred


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