Creating Non-US Tax Reports

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Wed Jan 29 12:41:55 EST 2014

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> Subject: Creating Non-US Tax Reports
> Hi!
> Apologies if this has been done to death but googling found nothing
> relevant.
> Is there any way of setting up custom tax codes against accounts, and to
> use the tax reports to do UK personal and corporation tax. It doesn't
> appear to be able to be done inside the application but I wondered if there
> is a configuration file I could modify to enable me to use this report
> effectively, rather than just showing US forms and boxes. Clearly the
> export isn't going to be relevant, but just having the report would be
> useful.
> Any suggestions or pointers welcome.
> Thanks!
> Yours,
> Clint Redwood
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> There is no easy way to use the existing US-based report for non-US income
tax reporting. Of course it can be done with a bunch of re-programming.

I maintain this part of gnucash and plan in the future to make changes that
actually would allow this. For the US, since the current system is based on
'txf' codes, the maintenance of which is dormant, the system is gradually
getting stale; I would like to make the 'txf' code not the key but an
attribute of a hidden key so that new codes could be added even if no
'txf'' code exists for an item. If I do this in a fairly generalized way,
then it could be used to support multiple taxing jurisdictions (within the
US and outside of the US) simultaneously. If in an even more generalized
way, it could support user-managed tagging of accounts, transactions, and
splits, a feature which has also been asked for and I would like to use
personally. But this will take a bit of effort and time to accomplish.


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