Creating Non-US Tax Reports

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just to make you aware, I am working on something similar:
*Bug 710873* <> -New 
Tax Declaration Info Report - multi-national, multi-purpose (private, 
business, ...)

Right now it can be run in parallel to the TXF Code editor.
I am basically finished with what can be called "feature 
implementation", and now turn to bug fixing - meaning: I am going to 
apply it for my own tax declaration this year.
If nothing serious comes up, I might have something to publish by mid of 
the year (incl. documentation).

Kind regards,

On 01/29/2014 06:41 PM, Alex Aycinena wrote:
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>> Subject: Creating Non-US Tax Reports
>> Hi!
>> Apologies if this has been done to death but googling found nothing
>> relevant.
>> Is there any way of setting up custom tax codes against accounts, and to
>> use the tax reports to do UK personal and corporation tax. It doesn't
>> appear to be able to be done inside the application but I wondered if there
>> is a configuration file I could modify to enable me to use this report
>> effectively, rather than just showing US forms and boxes. Clearly the
>> export isn't going to be relevant, but just having the report would be
>> useful.
>> Any suggestions or pointers welcome.
>> Thanks!
>> Yours,
>> Clint Redwood
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>> Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 4AS
>> There is no easy way to use the existing US-based report for non-US income
> tax reporting. Of course it can be done with a bunch of re-programming.
> I maintain this part of gnucash and plan in the future to make changes that
> actually would allow this. For the US, since the current system is based on
> 'txf' codes, the maintenance of which is dormant, the system is gradually
> getting stale; I would like to make the 'txf' code not the key but an
> attribute of a hidden key so that new codes could be added even if no
> 'txf'' code exists for an item. If I do this in a fairly generalized way,
> then it could be used to support multiple taxing jurisdictions (within the
> US and outside of the US) simultaneously. If in an even more generalized
> way, it could support user-managed tagging of accounts, transactions, and
> splits, a feature which has also been asked for and I would like to use
> personally. But this will take a bit of effort and time to accomplish.
> Alex
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