Translations of GNUCash into Konkani Language

Jeff Earickson jaearick at
Fri Mar 28 21:55:21 EDT 2014

Gnucash developer team,

I have been looking at Mr. Dhutadmal's submission of two po files for the
Konkani language (see his posting of March 19).  Per the discussion of,
I have been working on his roman version of his po file, to get it to
compile and work.  I am not there yet (compiles but won't execute with
LANG=), but I have some questions.

First: what to call his files?  The Konkani language has no ISO 639-1 code,
and a 639-2 code of kok.  How does one differentiate the same language with
two alphabets, for the same country?
I would guess "kok_IN.po", but I need two files for the two alphabets.
"kok_roa_IN.po" and "kok_dev_IN.po"?  Help...

My plan (if I can get all of this to work), is to submit final changes back
to the devel list as git format-patch files.

Mr. Dhutadmal,

Please find an attached "diff" of my resulting changes to your original
file (konkani-roman-script.po) versus the file that I got to compile
correctly in gnucash.  Please look over these changes.  Some of them were
typos (extra "\" characters or missing "\n"), but a couple would not
compile without more serious changes.  Note my guesses for lines 495-501,
12047-12053, 16574-16580.

I have not tried to compile the devnagari script file yet.  Also please
understand that I do not speak any language of India (other than English).
And also please understand that I am fairly new to gnucash -- I am trying
to help both you and the developers.

Jeff A. Earickson, Ph.D
Senior Server System Administrator
Colby College,
4214 Mayflower Hill,
Waterville ME, 04901-8842
207-859-4214 (fax 207-859-4186)
Eastern Time Zone, USA
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