Geting GnuCash to Recognise Localised tax report for UK

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Thu May 22 05:08:28 EDT 2014

Hi Derek,

Good point - but what would your localisation setup be in that case? Ideally you'd want en_DE, which I presume doesn't usually exist?

You could set the tax jurisdition as a separate core option, or I guess you could base it on the default report currency for the instance.

This is sufficiently important for me to try and figure out and fix in the next few months, since I really can't be bothered doing all my tax returns manually every year.


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>> The problem for doing it properly then was that tax reports are country 
>> dependent but GnuCash doesn't have a country selection mechanism. But 
>> GnuCash only works on the locale level, for example to list which 
>> account hierarchies to offer when setting up a new book.
> How is picking the right set of tax categories different from picking
> the right set of accounts? For that matter, wouldn’t it be nice if the
> canned sets of accounts already had the correct tax categories
> associated with them?

Taxes are most definitely country-based, whereas the account hierarchies
are more language-based.  Not saying we don't or can't have
country-specific account hierarchies, but I do believe they are somewhat
disjoint in their selections.

Personally I would love to see them be completely disjoint.  For example
if I ever moved to Germany I would want to have a german-style hierarchy
and tax report, but I would most definitely want GnuCash to run in English!


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