GnuCash Android v1.6.0 pre-beta

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Fri May 1 16:57:06 EDT 2015

On 5/1/2015 2:36 PM, Ngewi Fet wrote:
> On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 8:58 PM, David Carlson
> <david.carlson.417 at <mailto:david.carlson.417 at>> wrote:
>     OK Vicodin, thousands of KB, not thousands of MB.  I am still
>     having trouble sorting this thread in Gmail, tho. 
>     My current observation is that if I un-install the pre-beta and
>     install release 1.5.5 from Google Play, that version is able to
>     open my 4,500 KB compressed XML data file and I can find some
>     complex multi-line split transactions.  there may be some issues
>     with security accounts, but I will defer that until I better
>     understand what is happening.  There were no scheduled
>     transactions here, although the Since Last Run certainly finds
>     them on the desktop.  This import seems to take quite a while,
>     perhaps a few minutes. 
> 1.5.5 completely ignores scheduled transactions. 
>     However, if I un-install release 1.5.5 and use APK installer to
>     install the April 29 pre-beta 1.6.0, that version appears to
>     install correctly.  I choose to cancel the account creation then
>     try to open that same 4,500 KB data file.  GnuCash for Android
>     fails to parse a template credit card account (I think
>     ) it flys by pretty fast.  then there are no accounts to display. 
>     That happens much faster than the 1.5.5 import.
> Yes, I also think that will be the issue. The main change between
> 1.5.5 and 1.6.0 is the parsing of template transactions and scheduled
> transactions. I would like to have an example of a template
> transaction from your XML file if it is ok for you. 
> Also do you have any accounts or transactions which are not simple
> currency transactions? I mean things like stocks, securities etc. 
> What happens when you install 1.5.5, import your file and then upgrade
> in-place to 1.6.0? Do you run into any problems there?

Starting from release 1.5.5 looking at that XML file and directly
installing the April 29 pre-beta, Gnucash for Android fails to start. 
There is a brief black screen then the apps page re-appears.  The first
time there was a list of files to open, but I was not expecting that and
I cancelled.  Now it won't go back to that window.  That is not the same
as when I manually un-install 1.5.5 before installing the pre-beta.

Going back to one of your other questions, yes, there are many brokerage
accounts with many stock and mutual fund accounts with purchases, sales
and current balances in those securities.  I was hoping to just ignore
them for now.  My default currency is US Dollars but I may have one or
two expense accounts in CAD from years ago, although I do not use them now.

As for the  other question, I do not know how to identify a template.  I
remember that I accidentally created one once in release 2.4.something,
and I never succeeded in removing it, but that was long ago.  It
continues to pop up when updating security prices.  If you can help me
to find it, I should be able to extract it and, if necessary, sanitize
it for your perusal.

David C

>     If I now try to restore the last backup, I get an error multiple
>     roots exist in book.  The oldest backup restores the first two
>     manually entered transactions from last week.
>  Thanks for the feedback!

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