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>> If I open a file I see my top level accounts.  Problem is once I choose a
>> top level account I can't get back to the top of the account tree.  I can
>> navigate up and down but never regain the top.  I'm guessing on a real
>> android you sacrifice your first born child and drip their blood in a hand
>> waving way to get it back.  I'm too old for that.
>>     - Scheduled export to SD Card, DropBox or Google Drive
>>>  Didn't try the scheduled.  I went for Drive for storage and it
>>>  worked out OK once I got the android to sync, see above about not
>>>  understanding android directory structure, what dirs am I syncing?
>>>  Where is gnca actually storing files?
>>> GncA creates a directory in your Google Drive with the name of the app
>>> and puts all its files into that folder.
>> Not here it doesn't. Is it possible you are presuming everyone is using
>> Chrome?
>I do not understand the connection to Chrome. Does your emulator have
>Google Play services running on it?


>If not, the Google Drive sync will not work. Otherwise, the app will create
>its own folder on Google Drive (after you authorize it).

I understand the words, I'm asking where the files are.

I have a perfectly functioning google drive, I don't understand why gnca 
can't see it.

Alternatively if my Google drive to Android connection is broken my file 
must be stored locally, right?

I'm asking, :where is my file:?

>>  Similarly, DropBox also puts
>>> the files into Apps -> GnuCash Android
>>> You are not syncing a directory, but rather individual files.
>>> I think we should do something to make the export destination known to
>>> the user. Thanks for highlighting this.
>> I'm not getting this at all, TBH.  My dropbox account puts stuff where I
>> tell it to.  Is the fact that the files are coming from an android suddenly
>> going to make it different?
>Yes, but the app is putting stuff in your DropBox, not you.

Wrong!  The app knows nothing about my dropbox and other personal cloud 

> DropBox
>automatically creates a folder for apps which connect to it.

I'm not trying to use Dropbox, I'm trying to use google drive!

> GncA has a
>folder in "Apps -> GnuCash Android"

I don't trust Android sufficiently to tell it about my real remote data 

Why can't it use the obvious google associated drive properly?

>>     - Improved creation of backups and restoring of backups
>>>  again, I couldn't work out where the files were
>>> GnuCash Android files are here: /sdcard/0/
>>> But for restoring backups, you do not need to know the path because a
>>> dialog is shown to you listing the files.
>> *IF* you have an SD Card that is nice.  Where are they otherwise?
>I guess it will be somewhere on internal storage which Android will expose
>as external storage.

That makes no sense to me as a set of words.

>>     GnuCash Android also registers itself
>>>>    to open .gnucash files.
>>>  Are you sure about that? Once again it is possible I don't speak
>>>  android well enough but do you perhaps mean .gnca rather than
>>>  .gnucash ?  I'm also not sure what happens with compressed files, it
>>>  is possible my vm doesn't have auto unzip and real android devices
>>>  do.
>>  Yes, GnuCash should be in the list of possible apps to open those files
>>> with, when you try to open such a file from, say, Google Drive by
>>> clicking on it. The app registers for both .gnca and .gnucash.
>>> The app handles both compressed and uncompressed XML files just fine.
>>> You don't need to do anything extra.
>> .gnucash files are greyed out here, if I rename them I can open them and
>> choose the application.
>Where is "here"? Some other app? DropBox?

Nope, it is how Android and google see in combination.

DropBox is the outsider for them, i.e. they don't know about each other.

>I know some people file selection issues with Google Drive. We are still
>trying to find a reliable solution for this.

OK, in that case add me to the clueless.

>> Is the decimal set to "," ? I'm used to "." for decimal.  As someone who
>> has used calculating machines I am used to using either 23[spot] or 23[00]
>> but not being forced to type to the least significant decimal when dealing
>> with whole numbers.

>The decimal separator depends on your locale.

I've worked in more than one part of the world, not an issue so much as 
an irritation, my numeric keypad has a . as the separator.  I live in 
London UK.  I have family members that type , as a decimal separator but 
they know it is actually decimal point.  Why don't you know this?

>Also, at the moment, everyone one has to deal with 2 extra decimal places.
>It can be annoying, we know.
>We plan to improve that for the future.

Unless there is something specific you want me to check I think I am 
going to pass on Gnca this time around.



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