What distro to use for screendumps?

Chris Good chris.good at ozemail.com.au
Wed Aug 3 02:06:00 EDT 2016





It is better if you can use a theme similar to "clearlooks" for linux in
order to keep consistency with existing images.


After I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04, my virtualbox gnome flashback
clearlooks-thenix theme titlebar is now Ubuntu black.

I could not figure out, or find on the internet, how to change the titlebar
colour, so I tried to modify the Unity Radiance theme to look like
Clearlooks as I did find how to do that.

Unfortunately, I've now found that many of the graphics (like checkboxes),
use .png files that also have Ubuntu orange, and there is not a simple
mapping between the clearlooks and Ubuntu graphics widgets.


I'm thinking it would be easier to set up a new VM running whatever distro
is preferred for GnuCash screendumps.

What distro and version and theme should that be?


Chris Good


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