Documentation translators: Changed para in ch_oview

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Tue Aug 9 06:01:26 EDT 2016

On Tuesday 09 August 2016 10:24:30 Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
> Hi Frank, all.
> Yes, there is a reason. *pt_PT* is the country code for Portugal, *pt*
> is the generic code for Portuguese, which means my translation could
> be confused, for example, with Brazilian Portuguese whose country
> code is *pt_BR* but is also Portuguese.
> Let's assume someone in Brasil decides to create their own
> translation, it would be impossible to distinguish between both if we
> were to use only *pt*. It's like *en_US*, *en_AU*, *en_GB*, etc.
Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your feedback. That part is well understood.

However the gnucash policy is to add the country code only when needed.

"when needed" is either of:
- there are different translations for these countries. We only have one Portuguese translation, 
so this is not the case here
- the translation has highly country specific information. This I can't judge as I don't know 
Portuguese, nor whether the contents of your translation is specific to Portugal and won't apply 
(for most part) to say Brazil.

Do you judge your translation is highly targeted at Portugal only (like specific wordings that 
are sufficiently different from Brazil, or rules that are very local) ?

Note this is no big deal though, just a small inconsistency with the other translations.



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