Patch : editing "Posted" time of transactions.

John Ralls jralls at
Thu Jan 28 13:54:58 EST 2016

> On Jan 28, 2016, at 9:43 AM, gLETTERyYuMEANSj LETTERyOt <gletteryyumeansjletteryot at> wrote:
> 2015-05-28 17:15 UTC+02:00, John Ralls <jralls at>:
>> Please don't submit patches to the mailing list. Open a bug in
>> or fork our repo on Github, create a branch with your
>> patch, and make a pull request. Patches should be written against HEAD in
>> the branch you're working on -- which should be master for a feature request,
>> especially one that changes the database or the way it's interpreted.
> I have finally found some spare time to submit a patch this way. It is on
> It compiles without more warning than current version on x86_64, I have tested
> it for one hour.
> It does no more prints any debugging line (so that the patch is easier to
> read).

BTW your incorrectly copies a GCC bug: *and* overrides a #define that belongs to the libc/libc++ headers.
(The bug was the result of the GCC folks following an effort by the ISO C committee to tell the ISO C++ committee what to do. The ISO C++ committee ignored them, but the GCC folks didn't. The ISO C committee fixed their overstep in C11. See

Please remove that commit.

Don't change ChangeLog. It's automatically generated from the git log at each release.

You removed the code for the auto-read-only threshold.

Don't use Timespec in new code, use time64.

Don't remove function description comments; do make them Doxygen markup.

Don't use magic numbers. Create static const variables (not #defines!) with descriptive names.

> The limits I quote again below still apply:
>>> - The default timezone used for display *should* be specified in the
>>> environment variable TZ in the form "[^-+]*+HHMM$", HH and MM being hours
>>> and minutes to add to UTC times to get the local time (including the
>>> possible daylight saving time correction).
>>> - These patches cannot be disabled by configuration (a patch to
>>> is lacking).
>> What's the reason for using an environment variable for determining
>> timezone? TZ seems not commonly used and it would be trivially easy to add a
>> function to get the UTC offset in gnc-date.cpp.
> This is still work to be done.
>> Entry date handling has long been a matter of controversy in GnuCash, and
>> switching the nominal time to 11:00 UTC from 00:00 UTC is the simplest
>> option to resolve most of it. 11:00 instead of 12:00 because New Zealand's
>> summer time offset is +13 hours and the total population of the -12 timezone
>> is only a few thousand people. That change is already planned for GnuCash
>> 2.8 unless we decide to go in either of the directions Geert mentioned.
> I have now adopted 1100Z as the default time on transaction creation. Time of
> loaded transaction are not changed (and they were midnight for gnucash-2.4*).
>> My understanding is that it's unusual for accountants to care much about
>> exact transaction times,
> This has been refered to in the thread "Rounding in the price db." about
> conversion rates, e.g., in the mail dated Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 3:27 PM
> shown by
> I can provide references to other recent threads if it helps.
> 2015-05-29 0:28 UTC+02:00, John Ralls <jralls at>:
>>> I think that the coding and debugging style, the TZ environment variable
>>> and
>>> the lack of patch to are better reasons to disqualify
>>> it.
>> Those are all fixable. Once they're fixed, the patch can be considered for
>> master, though as Geert pointed out there's pressure in the other direction
>> to remove times entirely from Entered Date. We have to decide which way to
>> go.
> The coding style is still problematic; and I did not use the recent
> Gnc_Date_Time class, short of time to test it.
> * the one character string ":". In that case, it is replaced by
> the current time and date.
> * Any entered date string starting by ":" and longer that ":" will crash
> * gnucash.
> * if TZ is not defined, gnucash crashes immediately.
The crashes alone make this patch incomplete and unacceptable as-written. 

That's all I have time for now, and I won't have more for a couple of weeks. In that time, please rewrite your submission taking the above into account and complying with Put it in a feature branch and squash out irrelevant commits. I'll do a deeper review then.

But we still haven't decided whether to drop times altogether from date_posted, and this change, even if otherwise perfect, can't merge until we do.

John Ralls

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