Wiki collissions; was: GnuCash page Git has been changed by Sunfish62

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Fri Jul 28 01:24:38 EDT 2017

Hi David,
Am 28.07.2017 um 05:45 schrieb David T.:
> Frank,
> I beg to differ about reverting your edits. I have never knowingly reverted any of your edits. (I have had you revert mine, however) 

,,, after you replaced wiki:Glossary by a link to Guide/Glossary which
had only half of its content. ;-) And I reinserted your complements
after the revert.

> It is true that I have changed things you’ve written, to improve their English grammar and readability. I wouldn’t believe that such changes would require any written justifications, beyond the general change name “Editing to improve readability” which is what I have been doing. If you need me to explain the changes to you, point me to one, and I will gladly explain my choices.

In general I appreciate you reviews.

> In this particular case, I received a notice that the Git page on the wiki had been changed by your addition of the sentence explaining the github repository. I looked at that (single) change on the wiki, and thought the sentence belonged in a different spot. Note that I didn’t revert that edit; I moved the text. Further examination of the text turned up areas that I thought needed improvement with the text flow. So I began to edit the content to reflect my ideas. 
> I was not aware that:
> 1) you were still in process of changing the page, 
> 2) the wiki would alert me of your first edit, but none of the following ones, or
> 3) the earlier version would not indicate that there were later edits to consider.
> As a consequence, I edited the earlier form of the page, rather than your last version. I apologize for that. I will be more careful in the future.

It seems, we both dislike the current state of that page after a few
years of uncontrolled grows.

Probably we should split it in something like
How to use Git
How to use Github
How to submit improvements
That might need more discussion.

My suggestion for Wiki collission:

When you get the collission meassage, copy your changeset to the talk
page of the other user and ask him to apply it.

If you agree, this yould be written to Wiki_Tips or better a new page

> David


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