Wiki Landing Page

doncram doncram at
Mon May 29 13:24:30 EDT 2017

About the suggested content now at, one objection that I have is
that it refers readers to a Documentation page at the main
website which provides nothing for them (it only contains links to the Help
manual and the Tutorial and Concept Guide, and no other documentation).
Specifically, the current content includes:

"For the latest documentation (i.e., unstable releases of the
documentation), or to get documentation for other languages or earlier
releases, see the [ Documentation] page on
the website."

It seems like a false statement, that a reader could get latest
documentation or anything else there.  The content already does link to
versions of the Help manual and the Tutorial and Concept Guide.  Are you
suggesting those are not the latest versions?  Should the content clarify
what versions they are?

I am sort of afraid it may be impossible to come to any agreement about any
wording, because there are too many people involved (and I guess I am now
part of the problem).  I do hope that I am helping by suggesting that a
clear proposal needs to be made by a complete new version at the sandbox.
The version there is deficient in my view in this one small way, at least.

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