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John Ralls jralls at
Wed Oct 11 09:51:24 EDT 2017

> On Oct 11, 2017, at 3:27 AM, Robert Fewell <14ubobit at> wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the current way to build the unstable/master install package on
> Windows 10, I am almost there but missing a step I think, what I have done
> is...
> Got the gnucash-on-windows from git
> ran setup-mingw64.ps1 which completed successfully
> ran the jhbuild which built 17 parts
> this is where I am stuck, I can start gnucash using the
> gnucash-launcher.cmd if I add 'set
> PATH=C:/gcdev64/msys2/mingw32/bin;%PATH%' but with missing gtk icons but
> that was easily fixed by copying an icons folder to share\icons
> I see there is bundle-ming64.ps1, should this be the next step, what
> parameters should be used ?


If you’re trying to make gnucash-foo-setup.exe then yes, bundle-mingw64.ps1 is the way to do it. If you took the default root dir (c:\gcdev64) and built unstable you’d invoke it with:

bundle-mingw64.ps1 -root_dir c:\gcdev64 -target_dir c:\gcdev64\gnucash\unstable -project gnucash -git_build $true

John Ralls

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