[GNC-dev] [GNC-Dev]Gnucash-3.0 Build Error in make

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Mon Apr 16 12:24:20 EDT 2018

Op maandag 16 april 2018 17:44:25 CEST schreef DaveC49:
> Thanks Geert,
> I have found the thread. I will start again. I had cleared the build
> directory after building with it inside the source directory but had not
> cleared the source directory. I will wipe the source tree by restoring the
> gnucash-3.0 directory from the downloaded archive and then try it again with
> the build directory outside the source tree after applying the patches for
> gtest and gmock shared libraries.
> I have manually cleared all entries from a previous build of 2.6.19
> from/usr/local/bin, /usr/local/include,usr/local/lib (gnucash folder and all
> libgnc* libraries) and /usr/local/etc. I had run an uninstall on it
> previously which normally clears it out but there were still gnucash
> folders in each of the locations as well as the previous libgnc* libraries.
> ../gnucash-3.0
> $make
> $sudo make install
> That has now built successfully and now runs.
> I have also rebuilt it completely from scratch as above, but with the
> build-cmake folder in the gnucash-3.0 directory. For your info it doesn't
> really matter if the build-cmake directory is in the parent folder of
> gnucash-3.0 or in the gnucash-3.0 directory extracted from the tar as long
> as you use the correct relative path from the build directory, i.e. .. or
> ../ or ../../gnucash-3.0 so it finds the correct CMakeLists.txt in the top
> level source folder rather than ../gnucash-3.0 when it is in the parent
> directory.
> The critical step for clearing the above error was removing all traces of
> the previous installation, not where the build directory was located. You
> are probably well aware of that but I just wanted to check to make sure my
> grip on understanding CMake was right. I personally prefer to have it under
> the top level directory of the sources.
> Thanks for your help and patience,
Glad it worked. And thanks for confirming my suspicion.

Indeed it doesn't really matter where the build directory is. As I mentioned 
in a previous mail we primarily recommend against it still to avoid confusion 
while offering support (there used to be more crucial reasons before, but 
those have mostly been cleared up). The major pitfall that remains is naming 
your build directory "gnucash" or more in general getting confused when more 
than one directory is called "gnucash" at various levels in the hierarchy.

If you know what you are doing by all means feel free to configure the build 
as you like.


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