What version of txf export used in windows version 2.6.19

Jeffrey Black beastmaster126 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 20:13:02 EST 2018

I tried importing my txf output file into H&R block Premium 2017, hoping it
works this year.  It doesn't.  I know they have a problem with importing, it
creates multiple copies of schedules C and F.  That is their problem not

I am under U.S. 1040 tax code.  Using windows version 2.6.19 of GnuCash.

3 questions.

1)  Looking in the txf.scm file it looks like you are using V42 not V41 from
the date fields. IE.

    (cons 'N370 #(none "Sched F" "Custom hire (machine work)" 1 #t "" ((2012
"7") (2011 "7a or b") (1990 "9"))))

Which version is it actually exporting?  V41 or V42?  The header says V41.

2)  Also, there is very little information available about the internal
format of a .TXF file.  In Windows, does it matter if each line with data
ends in a carriage return <CR>, then followed by a blank line of only
<CR><LF> ?    IE:

AGnuCash 2.6.19<CR>

3)  there are only 685 codes in V041 and 717 codes in Version 042, all 3
digits.  Where did you find the codes with four digits?

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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