[GNC-dev] Git Questions With Documentation

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 20:46:44 EDT 2018


I am sending this message as a heads up that I am preparing a PR for bug 796855, which seeks to pull content from the Help Manual Chapter 3 and put it into the Guide in Chapter 2. 

In the course of doing this, a number of other changes were called for, such that I needed to add the beginnings of two new proposed chapters to the Guide: Importing Data (as suggested in bug 303164), and Configuring GnuCash (which ultimately will come from Help Chapter 10). 

Adding these chapters necessitated my editing gnucash-guide.xml to include these new chapters, and since I was tinkering with the overall structure of the Getting Started section of the Guide, I chose to incorporate the chapters on Accounts and Transactions into the Basics chapter, as proposed in bug 687820. 

<aside>I tried to retain ch_accts.xml and ch_txns.xml in gnucash-guide.xml and simply edit the three files so that they became parts of a single chapter, but this resulted in mysterious “Failure to process entity chapter2” errors that I was entirely unable to edit away, except by copying the content of those two files directly into ch_basics.xml. So much for the “Use separate files and link them in docbook” approach.</aside>

Anyway, the PR has gotten entirely beyond my git skill set—meaning that, no matter what I do next, I will mess it up. My PR will have two new files to add to the repo, and ideally should have two files to remove from the repo, and I am unsure how to account for either circumstance.



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