[GNC-dev] Multiple mismatchs between e.g. gnucash-guide.xml and *-C.omf

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sat Dec 7 00:36:08 EST 2019


I am coming across a similar problem in that I would link to be able to use
olinks to cross reference between the Help Manual and the Tutorial and
Concepts Guide as it seems the logical waty to do it. i will be/have shifted
some materail from one to the other and now find it is linked within the
same document with <xref> links whicxh get broken. 

Did you make any progress with implementing olinks. I didn't see an
olinkdb.xml file anywhere so I have had a go at creating one but I am not
sure where to create/find the target .db files for the help and guide. I
would presume these should be created in the build file structure. 

I think I can see where to modify the xsltproc instructions in xmldocs.make
in the section
# ************** Rules to make and install html documentation

I would propose adding another target here to create the target.db files to
the existing  "convert-html:" , "copy-pics:"  etc  and add it to the list
executed by " html:" before the convert-html i.e.

olink-targets:  which would run the xslt proc with --stringparam 
collect.xref.targets  "only"  rather than the flags that are in
"convert-html:" target.

I have little experience with xsl processing and even the make procedure for
the docs so would appreciate any comments you or Geert might have.

Are there any plans to move to DocBook5 in the future?


David Cousens

David Cousens
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