[GNC-dev] tb, gnc or me? my trial balance is wrong and I think it is gnc not me

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 11:19:59 EST 2019

On 11/02/2019 04:03, David Carlson wrote:
> Wm,  before you run off at the mouth with all your innuendos, look at facts.

I'm hoping you get a message from Liz

If you don't there is something rotten in this list's administration.

> Did you try running a test on one of your backups from around June 2016
> using Gnucash 2.6.12 or earlier? 

No.  Why? Because I own a transaction stream.  Watermelon.  My 
transaction stream is the same regardless of how it is interpreted. 
Golf ball.

> I think that if you do you will find that
> the Trial Balance Report is correct if you scrupulously check the settings
> to use the Average Price valuation method and check your price database to
> be sure that the transaction generated prices are present.

you may be a person of high IQ in your local community.  you don't 
understand a trial balance.

>   John Ralls
> alluded to that earlier today.

JohnR isn't saying the same thing to me and you, Trump voter.

> In fact, I bet 

yay, how much are you prepared to bet, you piece of shit?

My estimate is that you will bet fuck all because you are wrong.  You 
are just a noisy person.

 > you could try re-running the Trial Balance Report in release
> 3.4 on a current data file using the Average Balance method of valuation.

There is no point, the valuation approach is wrong.

> There was a period when GnuCash was not entering transaction generated
> prices into the price database as Alex noted, but that was corrected some
> time ago and recent prices from recent transactions are all entered in the
> price database. 

The price db has FUCK ALL to do with the TB

  Granted, it will be difficult to find many of  those old
> missing transaction generated prices that involve the base currency but
> maybe they might get added back by using the trading accounts feature.  I
> have not tried that, but it might be worth a try.

You don't appear to have a clue what the issue is.

>   As Alex suggested,
> transactions that do not involve the base currency would need to be dealt
> with some other way.
> David Carlson

Do *not* invoke other people without their permission in future, David 

I *know* I get Liz angry but you have broken all the rules regarding 
good manners by being an actual liar.  That is not easily forgiven.


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