[GNC-dev] CSV Import Format

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri Mar 1 17:26:50 EST 2019


I can feed you what I've done so far with the multiline, double currency
transaction. My apologies for taking so long. My wife is a poet and I'm the
publishing company these days. She handed me the latest book of poetry to
edit and typeset for printing along with a manuscript from another friend 
just after I started on testing the importer.

I made it back to the importer the day before yesterday. I have presumed the
multiline import is working for accounts in the same currency but haven't
actually tested it so far. It would have been logical to do that first.  I
have also ignored trading accounts so far either. I am counting on that
being largely dealt with if the multicurrency transactions work.

The results so far are attached. 

I will continue and check out a multiline import to accounts with the same
currency with 2 or more splits.
One thing I am not clear on is whether or not the single line mode is meant
to be able to import a two split transaction when the split target
currencies are in the same currency without relying on the matcher. I am
presuming it is.

My secondary aim is to learn enough to be able to put some documentation
together for the importer once I have some idea of what aspects are working. 

Unfortunately I will have another break as I am off to Singapore in 2 weeks.
I will keep appending to the document and send you updates.



David Cousens
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