[GNC-dev] Question about account list and typeahead

jean ripngo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 18:52:54 EDT 2020

Or as a workaround, could we not provide a shortcut to expand/contract 
all accounts?
That way, when you start typing any account in the hierarchy would be 


On 3/14/20 12:34 PM, jeanl wrote:
> Guys,
> When we're in the account list view (the main gnucash page), you can start
> typing and this will open the account list to the first matching account.
> This is very convenient to quickly access an account in a large, deep
> hierarchy.
> However if the account tree isn't expanded, its leaf accounts are not
> matched, so unless the tree is fully expanded, the type ahead account match
> isn't terribly useful.
> Question: Is this on purpose? I would imagine that would not be hard to fix,
> so there must be a reason why it hasn't been...
> NOTE: This has nothing to do with the PR I submitted about matching account
> in the transaction editing dialog)
> Jean
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