downgrading data files

Haines Brown
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:28:27 -0400


> I prefer using Ximian's Red Carpet to maintain/upgrade.  It took me
> from Gnome 1.2 to 1.4 quite effortlessly.

I've also found it to be quite nice (I forget what I was installing,
but it was big), but the process was greatly complicated by the fact
that it used /tmp (I think) to hold temporary files, and because I
happen to have dedicated a separate partition for /tmp, it soon
reached its modest size limit and could accomodate no more files. I've 
subsequently greatly enlarged it for just that reason. Do people no
longer make /tmp a separate partition and therefore avoid the danger?    

However, as for gnome 1.4, since I've got the rpms handy on disk, it
would be easier to install it with rpm command. However, would a
RedCarpet installation be less accident prone than an rpm
installation? If so, do you know why?

    Haines Brown