slibcat permissions (was no subject)

Haines Brown
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:30:30 -0400


Here's a summation:

After a lot of fumbling about, a workable scenario is as follows: Go
to the directory
(which exists as I write), and downloaded the version of
gnucash-1.6.1-1 found in that directory (this copy seems to be not the
same as the alternative old Helix version, which has same name, but
differs in size).  That ximian directory has four libraries (Guppi,
Guppi-devel, g-wrap, and g-wrap-devel) that must be installed if not
already present in /usr/lib/.

In trying to install the gnucash, I found a dependency problem in that
gnucash-1.6.1-1 ximian requires, which is very
difficult to find (I think the only option is to dig it out of some
older version of gnucash). The answer, which someone knowledgable
advised against, was to install the gnucash with rpm -ivh --nodeps
option, and then create a symlink from to libgtkhtml.
so.13 (which I may have downloaded as well). With that, everything

Note that the gnucash-1.6.2-1 for Helix is now available, but has
older files than gnucash-1.6.1-1 for ximian. Although the procedure
above works from me, and worked for someone else, it is not
advised. But I know of no alternative.