[Matthew T. Jachimstal <matthew@uniqsys.com>] Re: Closing out a year?

Paul Lussier pll@mclinux.com
Thu, 10 May 2001 15:12:19 -0400

In a message dated: 10 May 2001 15:00:54 EDT
Matthew "T." Jachimstal said:

>I mentioned that this past January, I went to each expense and income
>account and adjusted the balance to 0.00 as of 1 Jan. There was a
>suggestion of keeping a list of accounts or flagging which ones should
>be zeroed like this.

Hmmmm, I can see where this would be beneficial for the purposes of 
comparing different accounts between years, but that doesn't allow 
for the easy isolation of the years when I want to save off to a 
separte file, does it?

Thanks, I hadn't thought of zero'ing things out for yearly 
comparisons :)

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