Crash Recovery

Tue, 20 Aug 2002 10:51:28 -0600

>I'd thought gnucash logged these things. Is there a way to recover
this old work? I thought "enter" was sort of like "commit."

Thanks in advance. >

Hi Jeff,

"Enter" commits, yes, but it doesn't save.

My gnucash has been freezing up in the middle of transactions. I got tired of 
redoing all previous transactions of that day and now I am SAVING each 
transaction as I do it.Then if it freezes up again and after rebooting , I 
still have a weird window coming up wich says something like " program is in 
use by someone else, do you still want to open it" and I must say yes, or I 
can't enter gnucash at all.  My husband's computer doesn't have this freezing 

I know this might not help you but it's a suggestion for others whose machine 
might freeze frequently.