Query on state of import QIF

David Highley dhighley at highley-recommended.com
Mon Dec 29 12:09:25 CST 2003

> Hi,
> Quoting David Highley <dhighley at highley-recommended.com>:
> > I'm just trying to confirm the current state for importing Quicken QIF
> > export files. It appears from searching the net and my attempts that the
> > import operation may not be complete.
> QIF import should work just fine, provided you don't have a broken QIF.  
> Recent versions of Money and Quicken sometimes generate "broken" QIF files 
> which the importer wont read properly without some manual intervention.
> > I install gnucash-1.8.8-0.9 on a RedHat 9 system and tried importing
> > from Quicken 2003. While investment accounts were set up none of the
> > stock or mutual funds nor transactions were imported. I did not spend
> > time checking on other transactions or accounts.
> If no transactions were imported then either there were no transactions in the 
> QIF file, you didn't complete the import process, or the QIF file was broken.  
I had all ready checked the QIF file and found transactions in the file.

> I suggest you look at the QIF file in question and make sure it's a "valid" 
> QIF file.

What is the definition of valid?

> > I'm also interested in transferring Quickbooks data. So are my experiences
> > to be expected or does there appear to be a problem with my
> > installation?
> There is no import method for Quickbooks data at this time.
> Your experiences are not unique, but they are not common either.  Generally, 
> as I said, it's a broken QIF file.  The real problem is that QIF is a de facto 
> standard, not a real standard.  This means that every version of Quicken and 
> Money create QIF files that are slightly different, and the GnuCash importer 
> just has not kept up with all the new variants of brokenness that have been 
> introduced into the format.

Probably with intentions of making it more difficult for customers to
switch to another product.

> Without a sample of what does not work, there isn't much else I can tell you.
> -derek



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