Generic Transaction matcher; how to manually select the matching transaction

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 3 10:20:25 CST 2003


Jochen De Smet <jdsmet at> writes:

> So here's my questions:
> 1- Is there any was to manually select the transaction
> to match to, when the one you want is not in the offered list?

Currently no.

> 2- If not, what's the correct way to handle this? What I did
> was just import the transaction as new and then remove my
> original manually entered one.

Good question.

> 3- Is there a way to influence the list of transactions the
> generic importer chooses to show you? In 99.999% of all my
> transactions the amount is correct but the date can be a few
> days off due to effective/posting dates. So I'd like to be
> able to tell GNUCash not to show me any transactions that don't
> match the exact amount.

At this point I do not know how configurable the matcher is.

> J.


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