Generic Transaction matcher; how to manually select the matching transaction

Benoit Grégoire bock at
Mon Nov 3 23:48:01 CST 2003

On Sunday 02 November 2003 13:18, Jochen De Smet wrote:
> I just ran into a problem when importing the latest
> information from my bank (QFX). On september 23rd, I
> wrote a check that didn't get cashed till over a month
> later (oct 26 i think). When i imported the file
> containing that transaction, i checked the R column and
> then clicked to find the matching transaction. The
> problem is that the sept. 23 transaction was not in the
> list.
> So here's my questions:
> 1- Is there any was to manually select the transaction
> to match to, when the one you want is not in the offered list?

The short answer is no.

> 2- If not, what's the correct way to handle this? What I did
> was just import the transaction as new and then remove my
> original manually entered one.

You can also uncheck it and it won't get imported.  However the advantage of 
your method is that it won't show up again if you download it a second time.

> 3- Is there a way to influence the list of transactions the
> generic importer chooses to show you? In 99.999% of all my
> transactions the amount is correct but the date can be a few
> days off due to effective/posting dates. So I'd like to be
> able to tell GNUCash not to show me any transactions that don't
> match the exact amount.

You can set the commercial ATM fee threshold to 0 in the preferences, which 
will improve the situation a little.  However I really need to add a 
heuristic that will punish the score of the transaction a lot more if the 
amount is way off.  What constitutes way off is an open question...

You can also play with the other two threshold which will tell gnucash what 
kind of score a transaction must have to trigger the default actions.  (Note 
that the score is the number of color bars displayed for a transaction, all 
colors included)

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