import format - which does gnucash handle better?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 3 21:34:55 CST 2003

bri <bhh_mail at> writes:

> So my bank now allows me to download my checking and savings account
> transactions in these formats:
> Microsoft Money (OFX) - Open Financial Exchange
> Quicken (QFX) - Open Financial Exchange
> Quicken (QIF)

Any of these three will work fine.  The first two are equivalent
and use the OFX/QFX importer.  The last uses the qif importer.

> Microsoft Money (OFC)
> Microsoft Excel (CSV)- Comma separated values

These are not supported.

> I've had quirks with qif before (transfers between the 2 accounts not
> getting automatically resolved as duplicates..) so I'll probably make
> copies of my books and try OFX and QFX. But was wondering - whats the
> general thoughts on the different formats? Is either of the 3 better
> or worse than the others? Or will gnucash do better with 1 in
> particular? or..?

QIF is screwy, and yes it does have issues with cross-txns except in
very limited circumstances.  OFX has more information, but it too
could have similar problems.  I'd recommend OFX/QFX.

> thx.bri.


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