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Eneko Lacunza <listas at> writes:

> 	Please, be aware that I'm not an accountant and I never have done
> accounting in english nor spanish. So sorry for the probably obvious
> questions :)

In that case I'll try to help as best as I can..

> Question #1:
> "Aging", what does it mean as in "Payable Aging"/"Receivable Aging"

Basically, it's a report that tells you how old your outstanding bills
and invoices are.  Basically, it tells you:

    All your customers (vendors)
    How much they owe (are owed)
    How long those invoices (bills) have been outstanding

I hope this helps.

> Question #4:
> "Debit Note", for example in HBCI.

You can ignore HBCI strings..  They only matter for HBCI countries,
which means only in Germany.  It's completely acceptable to leave
the HBCI strings untranslated.

> Thanks a lot! :)
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