GUILE FPE Crash on GnuCash Startup

Allen Ziegenfus listmail at
Sat May 1 18:54:50 EDT 2004

I can no longer startup GnuCash because guile crashes with a "floating
point exception" and takes down everything with it. 

I'm using Gnucash v1.8.8 on Gentoo on a DEC Alpha. What happens
is as follows: 

(1) Gnucash starts up and shows me my account tree 
(2) Gnucash proceeds to build the various reports I have set up
(3) A dialog box comes up that says "Since Last Run" but which is blank.
(4) A dialog box comes up saying that guile has crashed. After I click
on that, GnuCash dies too.

I had just started setting up some scheduled transactions so I'm
guessing that is the culprit. Will upgrading to 1.8.9 help? Should I try
to rebuild with debug symbols and get a stack trace? 

Does this mean I'll have to abandon my current account file and go to a



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