Guile crash (segmentation fault) on various operations

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Apr 10 06:24:14 EDT 2005

On Sunday 10 April 2005 5:38 am, Bill Kavadas wrote:
> Hi,
> Apologies in advance if this problem has been listed before but I
> searched the mail archives and Google for this problem and I couldn't
> find anything.

The best place for this is probably the Debian bug report system. Run
$ reportbug gnucash

This will attach the full list of dependencies and installed version numbers 
which often illuminates the source of the problem.

There is a similar bug report already in Debian and it's classed as 
"unreproducible" which means the reporter has got a customised or corrupted 
setup that needs to be updated.

There are tips there on resolving exactly the message you report.

So when reportbug starts up, indicate that your report is "more information" 
on bug 296693 - reportbug will show you the list and you just select this 

What happens if you just run /usr/bin/guile-1.6 directly?


Neil Williams

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