Giving up on Gnucash

Richard Gilligan gilligan at
Fri Apr 22 14:48:01 EDT 2005

>  The UI paradigm is squarely aimed at accountants and that's fine, 
> although the strict double-entry, debit & credit, scheme is little 
> more than an unneccessary anachronism. Banks don't even use it any 
> more, not in that way at least.  My bank statement has a single column 
> with checks shown as negative amounts and deposits as positive 
> amounts. The debit/credit, left column/right column business is simply 
> a computational device intended to minimize mistakes by clerks. My 
> computer isn't prone to math mistakes so it isn't needed.

 From reading forward in the thread it is obvious that you are proposing 
a UI change (rather than chucking the rules of accounting).  At first 
glance, it seems like an interesting idea to me and I have been using 
GC for 4 years now.  Using a single column of signed numbers in the 
register could have a lot of benefits. I imagine it would make the 
register easier to read, use less screen width for the same information 
displayed, and eliminate some labels that create visual clutter and 
need to be translated.  In addition it would make it easier for people 
to represent GC transactions as text in emails to the list.



"Open source development is based on getting one good idea from a new 
user before beating them to death"  - Anon.

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