Struggling with vendor payments

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Aug 5 10:53:43 EDT 2005

"Maf. King" <maf at> writes:

> Derek : the A/P report used to show all vendors, now it seems to only show 
> those with outstanding bills (1.8.9-SuSE).  I know it changed to fix a 
> problem at time=(DateOfBill+1 year).  Is there any way to go back to the old 
> style of showing all vendors? Maybe a report option. (Hide Zero totals)?

It was changed to fix a number of bugs, actually.  I don't recall
offhand which ones.  There's not currently a way to go back to the old
style, but it could be done with a little work.  Unfortunately I'm out
of the country at the moment so I probably wont have much time to get
to this myself, so.....

> I know, I know - patches gladly accepted.... :-/

.... if someone sent me a patch I could apply it.  Honestly, if
someone really wants to learn how the gnucash report system works,
this would be the perfect task.  All you need to do is change
"aging.scm" to add a new option and change the output procedure based
on the setting of this option.  I think even if you don't know much
scheme you could probably do this in under a day.

Any takers?

> Cheers,
> Maf.


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