Finance::Quote works, but gnucash->update prices doesn't.

Thomas John Vitolo tjvitolo at
Thu Aug 18 10:57:46 EDT 2005

gnucash 1.8.11
OS X 10.4.2

After figuring out that installing both X11 and XCode from CD is necessary with
Tiger on MacMini, I'm having trouble with Finance::Quote.  Using

sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell

I was able to install LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request::Common,
HTML::TableExtractor, and finally, Finance::Quote .  I know that Finance::Quote
works because the code


use Finance::Quote;

my $q = Finance::Quote->new();
my %data = $q->fetch('nyse', 'IBM');
print "The current price of IBM on the NYSE is " . $data{'IBM', 'price'};

returns the correct price.  However, when I then start up gnucash (1.8.11) and
use Price Editor -> Get Quotes, I get the standard error message

You are missing some needed Perl libraries.  Run 'update-finance-quote' as root
to install them.

So, I did just that, using sudo.  Everything appeared to work fine, with plenty
of OK messages and no errors.  I exited gnucash, reopened it, and still, same
error.  I've rebooted my machine and gnucash to make sure it wasn't a startup issue.

So -- what gives?  Any thoughts?  I appreciate it!
 - stomv

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