Gnucash and inventory

Brian Dolbec brian_dolbec at
Wed Dec 14 12:05:50 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-14-12 at 06:20 -0500, Marc Paré wrote:

> I am not too sure who sent you that note but it certainly was not from 
> me! It sounds like it came from another poster who would like the same 
> function from their Gnucash.

Yes, the email sender was different, ("Dr. Scott S. Jones"
<scott at>) but I did not pay attention since many people have
several email aliases.  (me too :) 

> As to the inventory in question, I sell a combination of some early 
> music keyboard supply parts and have recently started to sell computer 
> supplies locally. I would need a package to more accurately track my 
> inventory list. Andrew's suggestion looks like a good one. I may give it 
> a shot.

That method should work for small inventories and not involve
manufacturing or combining to any extent.

> I have already started a database but it is very rudimentary and not 
> tied to my Gnucash.

What is your database table?  That will give us a start to your needs.
Gnucash2 and beyond will be easier to integrate your database (see
below).   Are you capable of any programming?  What languages
(programming) are you familiar with, database your using?

> Brian ... you suggested that many people have requested an inventory 
> module and to register my request for one as well. Would I just do that 
> here or is Derek taking note of these on his own?

Derek is far too busy as it is now.  What I meant was to list the
information you need to track so that any future development can search
these archives for user needs.  I myself would like an inventory module.
but it is not critical for my needs.

  Neil has been working on backend code that can be used to integrate
info from different sources into/out-of gnucash.   It has been suggested
that a proper inventory control module would probably be best to keep
separate files and transfer info to/from gnucash.  I would agree since
inventory could be many thousands of items/pieces, involve manufacturing
to create other items, etc..

I probably have a greater desire than time to commit to working on
development of an inventory, payroll modules for gnucash.  Also a point
of sale system to tie into gnucash.  If you want to participate I'm sure
others will too.  I know Neil has volunteered to help with backend data

> I am looking into Quasar which I used to use before their GPL'd version 
> which looks like it tracks inventory although I would prefer to remain 
> with Gnucash.
> Thanks for the suggestions from all.
> Cheers
> Marc
Brian Dolbec <brian_dolbec at>

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